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home page of CBS Power Products power transformers - cast coil, dry type, oil filled, energy efficient transformers vacuum circuit breakers Vacuum Interrupters Contact Us We can provide replacement vacuum interrupters, vacuum interrupter assemblies and vacuum interrupter pole assemblies for all manufacturers' medium voltage breakers.
  • 2400V - 38kV Up To 3000A
  • Compact Design
  • Available As kits
  • Exchange Pole Assembly Program
  • Individual Interrupters or Complete Pole Assemblies
  • Complete ANSI Testing
  • In Stock for Immediate Delivery
  • Vacuum Interrupter Vacuum Interrupter - cutaway view Replacement Vacuum Interrupter Pole Assembly Obsolet vacuum interrupter assembly and our replacement

    When you have vacuum interrupter failure, contact us for immediate assistance.

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